Photo Art

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Global Interprint Ad


One of a series of ads and mailers for a print broker who specializes in overseas printing for custom-designed brochures and tabletop books.

APS Catalog Cover

Catalog cover for APS International, a supplier of promotional items.

Rotunda Restaurant Ad

Full-page print ad for Rotunda, a restaurant on the top floor of Neiman Marcus

on Union Square, San Francisco.



Four of fifty-five visual-art designs for the book “Light-Years in the Dark: StoryPoems.” Each illustration is paired with a story. For example, Spirits is about a talented but haunted performer.

Don't Jettison Medicine


Cover design for a book written by a physician who offers life-saving strategies for healthcare professionals to help restore their passion for medicine.

Marin Women's Study


Ad design for theater screens, one of many marketing items for Marin Health and Human Services’ research study to help discover the causes of breast cancer.

San Francisco Cuisine


Cover design and branding for an annual 200-page magazine featuring menus and recipes from the San Francisco Bay Area’s finest restaurants and wineries.

St. Clair Twins


Cover design for a science-fiction novel about time travel through a vortex portal to a mothership in a distant part of the Milky Way galaxy.